Thursday, September 9, 2010

It's in HER knickers

We've all had a little fun... shopping for underwear that is, but in true Maque-style, I went the extra mile and did what most women fail to do (do not ask why I do these things to myself), I stepped into La Senza to get my correct breast cup (and no, I do not wear bras or anything of the sort). It was during the the (breast) cancer week and I convinced a friend, though she did not have cancer, to actually get the correct bra size to celebrate and commemorate those with cancer (it sounded a little more romantic than it does on paper and felt like the best thing to do at the time) and stop nagging about having boobs that look like udders when she wears a bra. While on that trail of thought: Do you know your correct cup size? the one that gives you all the support you REALLY need? turns out an alarmining number of women (majority in fact) do not get optimal support for their chest bits - ladies, explain yourselves!

Lingerie (think Kim Govaar -for Miss Port-'s Paris-inspired s/s 2010 collection ), Dax Martin for the most DeGorge poolside gear, Lovewaterlove for the perfect swimwear, La Senza (for cute on a budget), Victoria's Secret for those with bottomless pockets - you really have no excuse to still be caught in grandma's favourites now do you?

Dax Martin

Dax is a renowned Swimwear designer and he was recently invited to showcase at the Las Palmas in Spain and he came back with a POW and just in time for Cape Town fashion week. What I noticed about Dax Martin's craftsmanship is the "borrowed from the streets" aesthetic; high waists and pleated chiffon-covered shoulders are some of the examples of this. These make the swimwear (although swimming in these is really not an option) really versatile, in-line with current trends (which is freche for a somewhat uninspiring fashion form) and perfect for sunbathing (ie posing in the sun). Should you ever need to feel like Halle Berry in a Bond Movie (you know: swooshing out the ocean and sashaying to the beach club for a cocktail), Dax has you covered on this one - as impractical for swimming as his swimwear comes across as! From all my days of reading glossies, I think I need to highlight this point: know your body shape when selecting the bathing costume and choose the cut that will work FOR you (eg. long boyish body = low cut bikini)

Lovewater Love

Classic bikini with not much goin on - including the fabrics - which is EXACTLY what to expect from a swimwear line. The traditional recipe works and that's why the only BANG there will ever be in a good costume will be the change in cuts, fabric colours and playing with the neckline (spaghetti strap, strapless, halterneck, cross-your-heart or sweetheart neckline being the most popular). What I like about LoveWaterLove is the detailing in each of their pieces - not apparent at first glance but closer inspection reveals beautiful detailing which would otherwise leave the bikini as ordinary as white t-shirt (look at the criss-crossing on the bustline for instance)
From the Bedroom to the streets with Kim Govaars (for Miss Port - Craig Port)

Allow me to spoil your eye-fest with a few words:
How about a bit of this for sexy times in and out of the bedroom? Think Brooke's Bedroom (you know, from the Bold and the Beautiful): Set the scene of seduction and unleash your inner femme fatale in DeGorge lace and chiffon, satin and silk.
This collection was inspired by all things Parisian: the lights, the luxury, the romantic ambience of the city and the fashion forward mentality - the perfect backdrop to explore your inner fashion stylist, she exists, trust me!
This season, flashing a bit of undergarment (the bra in particular) is all the rage and it requires the absolute best for it not to look tacky. Picture this: plunging neckline (or easier yet, 4 buttons down on a formal shirt - yes, one more than Tom Ford would recommend) with a DeGorge bra playing peek-a-boo (take cues from Victoria Beckham, below).
And the knickers... gstring, french cuts, "step in", trim n lift-type (which basically reshapes and hides all flabby secrets), petticoats (still an undergarment!), stockings (grey area on whether it's underwear or not), bloomers - world's you oyster, just make sure it's snug (minding all camel toe possibilities) and does not "cut" the backside in half to give the illusion of your bottom having luggage (nasty!) or have VPLs (that'd be Visible Panty Line)! for an added dazzle, try wearing gutters, they are sophisticated, naughty and sexy (that last word was by my stag)

For my bosoom buddies boasting bigger breast (can you say alliteration?) in Cape Town, have you guys been to Storm in A G Cup? No? okay, here's their website: - thank me later!

For the Truly Absurd... seriously absurd:

Lady Gaga, in a meat Bikini - enough said!

Do not ask, I do not know the wheres, hows, whats, why and whens of this number!

Most expensive bras... read about them here - just had to include that! wow, wow, wow! let's just say the most expensive, is closer to being naked than anything else, so why buy it?

pics: Dax Martin, Lovewater love and Craig port shows by Simon Deiner, Lady Gaga's meat Bikini , ; for Victoria's pic:

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