Saturday, March 12, 2011

Fashion Friday, every Friday

While I was away - away from blogging that is - I attended the first instillment of the FashionFridays.

Fashion Fridays is an initiative which aims to support South African talent by hosting a quaint party (all are invited) with one designer a month being featured at TwentyTwo Store - this is the brainchild of Vuyiswa, that's Miss Vie to you!

In colourful wording: Vie's store will be hosting one designer - over and above the ones she stocks already - on the first friday of every month (before money disappears on silly things like toe-gloves, food, BAT, Stellenbosch Distillery and BP) where a small party will ensue and make sure you get pop-dronkies enough to spend money you're too much of a miser to spend - okay, I lie... not really.

This month, Sylvester Falata (who pulled out of showing at the upcoming SAFW - but nibbled my ear about showing elsewhere - but he couldn't reveal much) adorned the rails at the TwentyTwo store, while DeGorgeous people relaxed their pursed lips and enjoyed mingling, shopping, dancing to the sounds of a groovy DJ (seriously, he's groovy, far from "hip and happening", he's groovy! - was even using vinyls, kinda liked it) and the drinkies while sitting on the shabby-chic crates (it's only chic depending on where you are) in the lovely rock-courtyard on 70 Juta Street, Braamfontein.

These are some of the cool kids who made it:

I am well aware of the fact that I put myself (in an over-sized blue shirt, i ain thaaat big boned) under the cool kids pics, but that was more about the neon-crazy men's footwear specialist I decided to KAPPA-pose with (remember their 90s logo?) and not about me... lol

I will keep y'all posted on the next one

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