Sunday, March 27, 2011

The weeks that were

The past few weeks have been very exciting: glowed (sweating for those who insist) at a fun session with a fashion glossy magazine, attended the launch of (what I've come to simplify as) a fashion technology gadget, RSVPing to exciting events... In short:

Marie Claire Old Skool Swing Club
I was invited to Marie Claire's Dance party - with a warning that screeched out: put on your dancing shoes...

Left: (from right to left) Aspasia Karras (Marie Claire Editor), Khaya Dludla (My source of inspiration for so many things), Sharon Becker (Marie Claire Fashion Director)
Right: Can't remember if we were doing the jive, fox trot or general ballroom-dance-y routines , but everyone was swinging.

Left: need I say more?
Right: GQ writer, Mahlatse James the third, MJ3, channeling MJ - with young up-and-coming designer, Emmanuel (LeighEmmi to you) hitting the dancefloor

Beautiful dresses, comfy shoes, drinkies and sushi were the order of the day - till everyone heard "BOYS AND GIRLS, time line-up and dance" and that's when the real creativity surfaced: keeping the made-up face up while homeostasis did its part to ruin all efforts (in short, perspiring).
FUN was had!
Thank you Marie Claire!

Brother PR1000

This was a rather strange invite: The launch of a Sewing machine, I thought... HUH?
Thought I was one-away from getting invitations to opening of envelopes after this one, but the event made me change my mind immediately.
So while the PR1000 is a high-tech 10 needle embroidery machine (which naturally lowers production time) which aims to increase output, while allowing versatility in colours and work area space - this machine is another fashion techno gadget that is in-line the international trends (it's all about lowering production time!)
In short, as pointed out by Dion Chang (the MC), the fashion industry is gravitating towards integrating technology to alleviate the growing pains that fashion fore-fathers experienced, current technology include:
- Adidas lab with fashion track where shoes are designed and custom-made to suite your stride and landing weight on your foot
- Macy's (was it?) where one could shop the shop in a digital mirror room where you could select the garments and see them on you in 3-D (ie no more rummage rails and the hassles of fitting rooms and changing and urghs!)

I'm guessing you're also onboard Technology in fashion.

Koketso Chiepe - no stranger to this blog - is hosting a fashion weekend (weekend of the 1st of April) in Botswana, with the list of attendees including Indashio Inspires and Amber Rose. If you are in Gaborone, do yourself a favour, acquaint yourself with the ever-degorge Koketso!

Doreen Southwood and Miss Mili B have welcomed their new baby, a joint venture of their new Fashion Store (no 54 on 5th Street, Parkhurst) and if you've been to the MeMeMe store on long street in Cape Town, I'm guessing you've dashed off to Parkhurst before reading this part of the blog... and I'll leave you to it. Congrats Milisuthando and Doreen! Can't wait to pop in (sorry I missed the opening on the 30th of March!)

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