Sunday, April 10, 2011

Diamond Face Couture

With the controversial story around her Christian Louboutins, I thought Uyanda would play on this - if only as a PR-stunt, but her CrossTrainer sponsorship took preference and killed the styling of a collection that relied heavily on styling.

Diamond Face Couture, in my opinion, has always been a mild extension of Uyanda Mbuli. She has build a name for herself, a name that was strongly associated with fashion, glamorous and a life many working women aspire to have: she has a 9 to 5, she's a family women, seen on numerous red carpets in DeGorgeous outfits. Which women would not want to have that? These, in my opinion, were the pillars for her label, Diamond Face Couture.

Diamond Face Couture (DFC) has never been a fashion house, it's always been an aspirational brand. An aspirational brand built on plenty of marketing, strategic partnerships and intelligent PR (which she even has a degree in, so I am not off the mark in saying that). With that said, it is appropriate to even go as far as to say that DFC clothes do not speak for themselves, Uyanda speaks for them (and that's where the problem lies).

So what was on the ramp? Uyanda's highly referential ideas. Ideas seen on many other ramps but tweaked (and destroyed, really).

The only point worth congratulating are the fits and finishes and beyond that, it was a blaze of mayhem (bar by one or two garments, as seen above). The styling was horrific (thanks to the sporty finishes), the material choice was bad (looked a bit on the cheap side), the designs were far from original which, in essence, means I was watching the work of a seamstress...

As predictable as this might've been, perhaps a full-on sportswear collection would've remedied how to use the sponsorship. Few elements of sportswear were presented (but sadly paired with "couture" jackets) and those showed potential of a collection that might've worked... think Stella McCartney for Adidas or
even Endorsements vs designing.

Her personal look as she took to the ramp for her bow WOWed many, much more than what she put on the ramp as her personal outlook on fashion.

I don't know...

Pics by Simon Deiner

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