Sunday, April 10, 2011


'Twas so nautical, I wanted to be invited to a yacht party, to have an excuse to look this exquisite - complete with the styling.

The problem with the collection was, however, that I couldn't shake the idea that this was a edited, restyled version of something Tommy Hilfiger has done - or perhaps the colours threw me off completely and left me see-sawing between Hilfiger and Ephymol.

Irrespective of my confusion, the collection was an amazing tribute to what summer will be should I ever find myself in Monaco amongst the many yachts.

With that said - I also find that Ephraim has found himself in a corner where he does the same thing over and over just with different palettes. Whether this reiterates that fashion is somewhat of an illusion (given how last time it felt European with African influences and now it's nauticals and yet the design is basically the same) or that Ephymol is good at playing tricks, I am not sure - but a good collection nonetheless.

PS. The sail ropes, truncated ties and blazers were my definite winners! Nicely done.

pics by Simon Deiner

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