Monday, April 11, 2011

Gert Johan Coetzee - SAFW

Leather, Chains, Spikes, animal prints, prints, colour blocking... only whips were missing from this urban jungle collection.

The collection was highly referential though: Bit of Lady Gaga (circa 2009), Givenchy spikes and Lanvin s/s 2009.

I enjoyed the eye-fest nonetheless. It was daring, "forward" with gothic elements and almost tribal (in the strange use of animal prints). It won't be every girl's best friend collection, but it will bring out those who love high-street couture looks (think Mome of CreamCartel)
The styling was great. The shoes married the collection very and it is hard not to love a shoe with amazing design detail.
It was a strong collection that you either loved or hated - a brave and wonderful step in the right direction for Gert.

Great concepts, interesting one Gert, very interesting... Yes, I am somewhat speechless.

Pics by Simon Deiner

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