Monday, April 11, 2011

Loxion Kulca

Bar by one or two pieces - which were like an oasis in a desert - the over 40-piece collection was a mess of same T-shirt, same shirt in different fabric... A far cry from what I've come to expect from Loxion Kulca (who have made me smile in the past).

The handful of items that were worth watching included intricate pants (last two pics above), patch detailed pants (first pic), zip detailed pants (only because I am a whore for a gold zip) and the camouflage-lined asymmetric collar (3rd pic)... sad to say but that concluded the show.

When blogger, Mika Stefano, took to the ramp with his online radio co-host Sazi Ngcobo (pic 4), a sense of comedy arose with Mika's highly animated sashay down the ramp (followed by an ass-grab)... Only Mika can liven up thirsty camels in a desert.

Overall, this show lacked editing (in both presentation and in some of the garments), had very unnecessary items and was disappointing.

pics by Simon Deiner

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