Sunday, April 10, 2011


I like Reggie for knowing what a woman would like to wear.

This collection was no exception, except for a few (major) bad decisions that will make this collection, sadly, forgettable:
- Material choice
- bad styling
- poor finishes

The idea of mixing colours which were previously seen as taboo, beautiful basic ideas (including linings that could've given luxurious finishes) and cuts were the only threads that made this collection a great foundation, upon which fabulous creations could've come from but these were sadly overlooked.

With that said, Reggie gave a stunning singing performance to accompany his collection. He recently launched his first singing career and the live performance he gave proved he was a man of many talents. Given that this was his first collection sans his business partner, Paledi Segapo (of PalseConsulting) - perhaps more attention should've been given to minute detail as everyone is asking whether the singing compromised the collection.

pics by Simon Deiner

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