Sunday, April 10, 2011

Side note: Diamond Face Couture

As I walked out the show, a popular television show requested my views and opinions, not just on the show, but on an interesting subject: "What do you think of someone who did not study a particular subject, delving into it"

Honestly speaking, this tiresome question is really unnecessary.
Not all Rocket scientist work on Rockets, not all astronauts land up in space and not all Chefs land up in the kitchen.
It's about taking the knowledge you have and adapting it to whatever situation. This is what many people refer to as transferable skills in their interviews.

In reference to Diamond Face Couture, Uyanda has no technical knowledge of fashion (fact! she has does not have a degree or diploma in it) but her knowledge on business, marketing and PR allowed her to break into an industry she did not study to be in. She has carefully marketed and pulled PR-stunts that have allowed her to "sell" DFC to many, and she sold it to be an aspirational brand, however flawed the products may be.

And that's my view on many other career paths. Sell it in a convincing manner! Use what you know and MAKE IT WORK

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