Monday, April 11, 2011


I am a fan of Thunderstorm. The last two collections I saw from him had very quirky and fun elements which are great to see in a menswear collection, which can sometimes be a march of the penguins on the ramp.

Thabo mixed interesting fabrics to create the season's top-hit trend: colour-blocking. The blazers that followed this trend were reminiscent of Comme de Garcons (who've mastered the mixing of fabrics in a shocking yet interesting way) and made very well.

The pink feather-finished shorts were so adorable, even the model couldn't stop smiling. They were playful (and very cheerful) - my favourite item from the collection. Only because of the emotion of joy they create - very camp too!

The entire collection was fun, interesting and bold.

Pics by Simon Deiner

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