Monday, May 2, 2011


I can be such a groupie at times! Seriously! Not only that, I drag my darling friends into my groupie moment - and they oblige, lol! I have good friends!

Had to share these pics (also because I loved Zolani Mahola - the lead singer-'s print jacket) - background:
I went to the opening of the Viglietti Motors shop in Joburg (that's were the really rich get their Ferraris and Maseratis) and apart from mingling with people who pay other people's salary, I got to see one of my favourite bands performing, FRESHLYGROUND! They even finished off with Waka-waka (sans Sh
akira) and I was so delighted I forgot where I was and behaved like, what that crowd would call, a pleb. Loved it! I even got some of the fur-wearing, collagen lipped, botoxed foreheaded ladies dancing along.Tsamina mina Zangalewa, anawa-aa!

Yes, I am a Freshlyground groupie, certified since 2004 when I first saw them (they were fresh from graduating from my alma mata when I was a young wide-eyed one).


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