Sunday, May 1, 2011

Kurt Geiger

A few bloggers and I were invited to the opening of the stand-alone Kurt Geiger store in the East Gate Mall (yes, I ventured out into the worlds unknown). Previously, Kurt Geiger could only be found in Spitz stores but now they are launching multiple boutiques in select areas across the country.

With touches of - what I imagine to be - a Harlem gentelman's lounge, the store is decked out in easy, casual clothes for men. This one's really for the boys I tell you! Might I add, the store's decor alone is well worth visiting the store for!

A look around the room and one could easily point out that the obvious Kurt Geiger man is in his thirties, ambitious (yes, that includes the tenderpreneurs) and cares about impeccably finished clothes that are far from intimidating... hate to say it but he is rather unimaginative as well - but not everyone cares about being "exciting" in what they wear. If you're a man looking for good-looking, easy and comfy clothes, Kurt Geiger is opening a store near you.

PS. I love their jumpers and nautical-inspired golf shirts - quite charming.

And for the ladies (and very gentlemen): lookout for their new television advert (which they also screened at the shop opening)! you will smack your lips and it will leave you asking yourself: "Who dat? DANG!"

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