Monday, May 2, 2011

Marion & Lindie

I bought a pair of Marion & Lindie Riding pants a few years ago, loved then so much I went back to buy a brown and black pair. The only reason I was obssessed with these pants was merely because of the fit. They looked and felt amazing! They had close to invisible warp and weft yarns (which basically meant you could not see my imperfections from my thighs down), the length was perfect on me (perfect to wear with formal shoes, cute sneakers and/or sandals), tapered enough for boots AND they had a slight stretch to them (I know this because they stretched to the max, I'm not embarrassed to say that but when you find size 28 pants that fit without splitting, you go all out on purchasing them). I tell you, these were the Rolls Royce of pants in my closet at the time.

Alas, they met their resting date after my December-eating binge when they could not stretch any further (I still blame the drying cycle on the washer though - a trick on self-love I learnt from modern psychology jibber-jabber)

I digress!

Since leaving Black Coffee, Danica Lepen replaced Tiaan Nagel as the Head designer at Marion and Lindie and with that came the restyling of their Sandton City shop - and it looks amazing! They invited a few beautiful people (and I latched on as someone's sidekick, lol) to sip champers, enjoy nibbles while basking in the ambiance of beautiful clothes made brilliantly - something Marion&Lindie have always known how to do.

I will say though that I noticed a modern revamp on classic Marion and Lindie clothes - call it the Danica-effect if you will - and I am in love with the interesting twists. One fine example being a leather-collar shift dress... perhaps something one would expect from, say, Black Coffee?

I reiterate my sentiments, Danica joining Marion and Lindie was a brilliant step towards bring the label back to where it rightfully belongs in ready-to-wear clothes.

I suggest you drop by soonest! Go and enjoy the fresh, young-looking store (and drool over that lovely dining table right in the centre of the store and the grey wood)
This young lady's asymmetric skirt is so wickedly chic - and yet simple and neat. Loved it! This pic was by pure coincidence - but I noticed this lovely colour, was a hit that night ey? Both the dungaree and skirt version are delightful and I love how these colours are abundant in autumn (just look at the trees outside) and yet are underrated for the season.Ignore the pout-gone-horribly-wrong, I'm working with a photographer to get a better angle of me (YES! i too have a wrong side) - but I just had to get the pic of this cute vintage double-breast tweed jacket, it's my new friend now that it's winter.

PS. Where's Tiaan Nagel?

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