Thursday, May 19, 2011

National Fashion Council

Best News I've received this year!

The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) has finally stepped in to sort out the disarray that has many up in arms over the lack of a National Fashion Council in South Africa.

Following the successes of Cape Town's Fashion Council, which has done majors to boost fashion in Cape Town, the DTI plans to fund and establish a National Fashion Council which will also look at the numerous Fashion Weeks we have in South Africa.

The DTI plans to study successful national councils models from competitor economies and establish a National Fashion Council strategic framework in the time period of June to December 2011 (according to Ifashion). I'm already excited about next year! For instance, look at how the Indian Government supports its Textiles industry...

I will reiterate, unashamedly, that South Africa could run on only two national fashion weeks and one Africa Fashion Week (trans-seasonal collections in conjunction with other African Fashion Councils)- run by whichever convenor can do the job best. In an ideal world, the two biggest Fashion Week convenors could finally see a merger and focus on growing the industry - we wait and see.

Can you imagine the wonders this could do for FashionTourism and Fair Trade in South Africa?

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