Thursday, May 19, 2011

New Hobby

I am looking for something new to obsess over.

Life gets dull when the same things tend to happen. Seriously, the frequency at which "fun" things happen in my life (only because I seek it) makes them somewhat mundane too so I am on the hunt for a new hobby/activity.

Being a mild ADHD-case, I figured I need something that will keep me busy for just long enough. I managed to narrow the list down to:
- take photography classes
- take dancing classes
- learn how to sew

For photography classes, I obviously need a camera and after my recent mishap (where my camera grew legs), I don't think I am quite ready for that.

Then there's dancing: the idea of glowing my way to size "age 13 - 14" may appear to be great but let's face facts, two left feet will remain two left feet - trained or tortured, nothing will change.

Then there's sewing classes. I could whip-up an oddly-shaped shirt for myself in seconds (and the idea appeals to me), I could actually learn to put it my own buttons (another plus) and perhaps even make tailored pants (or fix the hem on my palazzo pants)... the options are endless. So sewing classes it is.

Need to find a tutor and invest in a cute domestic Brother machine - this could be fun (till I get bored).

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