Monday, May 2, 2011

Suzaan Heyns New Store

Right by the Bamboo centre in Melville, surrounded by other great designers, Black Coffee and Superella, is where you'll find Suzaan Heyns' ready-to-wear avant garde store, complete with self-designed lamp shades and rails (which sit on an exposed rock).

With a window dressed in pieces from her latest collection, her store oozes with Suzaan Heyns' charm and appeal - including the shelf displaying pony hide Finsk booties, below, - which, for those not in the know, would be unconventional pieces "scattered" around to create a dark (not morbid though) feel - a delight one cannot fully explain, but only experience.

With Suzaan, nothing's ever as simple as a T-shirt and if it is, the neckline is finished in leather (as seen on the men's rail). While champagne was replaced by Patronisers (silver Patron and appletiser refreshers) and oysters served with a gold leaf, tobasco sauce and a smidgen of silver Patron (tequila), REALLY YUM, and not forgetting dessert being served in edible chocolate cups, the guests mingled and talked about SA Fashion Week, the drama that unfolded with Abigail Betz and how they plan to make room in their closet for the couture pieces the store was lined in.If I heard correctly - which I almost always do - the shop will see frequent changes in terms of the clothes on the rails to make room for clothes from all her collections - think back on the Origami collection (CTFW 2008), the "super hero" collection (AFW 2009), the sports collection (AFW 2010), so I suggest you act fast if there's something you saw and liked.

PS. did I mention the vintage international-label sunglasses in the glass-display counter?
Well, now you know

Thank you for the invite and Congratulations on a DeGorgeous Boutique.

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