Thursday, May 19, 2011

Winter Lust '11

There are some wardrobe staples that are an absolute must this season. These are my picks of the season:

Fur/Faux Fur

Ladies and (very) gentlemen, hold onto your pets! Fur is all the rage this season. Fur collars, fur boleros, fur scarfs, fur coats, fur-fur-fur (and I obviously mean faux fur - read that if killing is not your thing - you leather shoes-wearing, rump steak munching friend - inquire if it's halaal if you have to).

I've even been tempted to use my fur bed throw to finish off a dowdy outfit once - but that's drama for another day.

But please, I beseech you: do not go skinning dirty sheep and pass it off as DeGorge - there are plenty of people waiting to laugh at that faux pas!

Thought starter: Think back on Heni's 2009 collection, Errol Arendse's 2011 a/w collection - believe me now?

The camel trench (or any trench coat by Suzaan Heyns):

Chloe went camel-crazy last year and this season, we're going crazy over what they did. Their look is everything this winter is about: palazzo pants, layering, trench coats - frumpy with androgynous touches is my winter lust.
Camel is the perfect colour to mix with the fussy denim shirt (who knows how to wear them properly anyway?) - as it makes the colour pop. Yes, demin-on-denim is still haute this season but touches of camels will update them to 2011 almost immediately.
On the flipside, a floor-length coat from Suzaan's most recent collection is a winner - for all occasions.
Reeling it closer home still, EVERYTHING from Stiaan Louws collection is a must! Especially the waterfall cardigans and pants (eye-candy)!
Palazzo pants:
So the impossible-to-get-right harem pants can be put at bay for a second while we focus on the more friendly palazzo pants. My absolute lust, though, are the 90s-inspired (which are actually 30s-inspired, but whose looking that far back?) pleated palazzo pants, which seem impossible to find.
- unless you head for the highwaist ones, I would opt out of this one if I were a short person.

Snoods and turbans:
While earmuffs were all the rage last season, this year the highly functional snoods are creeping in to keep ears and necks warm.
For an added functionality, I got myself a 1 metre Bakoti fabric which doubles one day as a scarf and the next as a turban when the mood is right. Perfect for hiding hair that is difficult to tame (and my whole year has been about a bad hair-day so you can imagine how much I love turbans).

Chunky Knits and Crocheted
Remember THAT jumper you had as a kid: either with strange snowflake-sign details, or with mickey mouse or some other silly character on them, or the chunky strange patterned jumper you were forced to wear and saw absolutely no aesthetic value to them - keep that thought! inbox me for my address, I am on the hunt for them!
On a serious note, those "hideous" items are making a come back this season - with obvious modern tweaks (add shocking shoulder pads to them if you want to modernize them - shoulder pads may be on their way out but they still do wonders where they are not expected to be found, like on a frumpy jumper). Even blazers are using jersey material (a structured tailored cardigan?) - so don't be shy, indulge!

Polka dot:
Don't miss out on Polkadots this season too! Marc Jacobs (A/w 2011) and Thula Sindi (A/W 2011) both swear by it! It's fun, quirky, a blast from the past and most certainly welcome!

Then again, Fashion is what you make of it! These are just my lusts!

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