Monday, June 27, 2011

Questionable aesthetics - 1

I love fashion that really (and excuse me for using a cliche here) "push[es] the envelope" but even I question some things. Not because I do not understand them but generally because I question motive and how to interpret these things:

Where, Why and REALLY?
This is by Isabelle Mastache (2011 collection) - complete with a prosthetic arm and downsouth. Here's a little homework - checkout her latest collection and you'll see what I mean (ps are costumes the new fashion? or has this always been the case?

I love not fully understanding certain things and this is top of the list this week.

Ah! Fashion! how I love thee!

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Maria Lamanna said...

Hello Maque,

My name is Maria Lamanna, I am an independent handbag designer.
Tanki from Cape Town Street Mag "introduced" us on Twitter!

I was browsing through your blog when I saw this post and on this regard King George (Giorgio Armani) had also something to say...have a look:

Long live the king!



Also Azedine Alaia had something to say about it..finally!!!