Monday, July 25, 2011

Cape Town Fashion Week - Day 2 (Mapona day!)

As soon as Kimora Lee and her husband, Djimon Hounsou (ahem, pronounced Jimon apparently, who knew?) sat down for the show, Lisp, Nucleus and Lalesso took to the ramps:


This collection had subtle detailing which will appeal to someone with a taste for minimalism and more traditional silhouettes.
In short, there was no real eye-candy (bar by the pieces pictured above) - just simple ready-to-wear/I-have-summin'-like-that-already clothes, uninspiring but well made and ready for everyday living

Trend: simple, fuss-free lines


This collection was clearly dedicated to the boho-chic party girl. The American Indian (not Red Indian)/Pocohantas accessories were fun and anti-trend (London street style with crosses dominated the scene for a while and the change from that is quite pleasant). Most of the clothes had asymmetric cuts mixed with grungy hard elements (cut-out denims, studded short shorts) - very vintage-inspired.

Then again you know me, add a feather to anything and I am sold, lol.

Trend from collection: Assymetric cuts, vintage


Simple, Indie-style fashion with eye-catching prints - very Cape Town!
I found some of the design elements very awkward, particularly the DIY-esque cuts on the dresses (I guess that's Indie fashion really).
Im crazy about the high waist print pants teamed with the boobtube top above. Perfect for last season's ankle cleavage - which I am am still enjoying.

Trend from collection: Indie


Seriously: the smallest things make a huge impact. Matching bag and pants/jacket - can't help but smile. The shoe picking up the smallest colour detail in the pants - that's how it should be done!

trend: men's carry all bag, mixing of patterns (in the same colour-palette) and gorgeous shoes (shy away from black and brown this time, opt for colour - and I know you don't own white shoes, right?)

Dax Martin

I had a chat with Dax, on several occasions, while he waited for his show day and the only thing he said about his collection was: I want people to actually get into the water in my collection this time.
I couldn't agree more: remember how detailed his collections were in the past (search this blog for reviews of his shows before), this time only the print will determine how often you were these underwater (I do not have the tests to show how often you can but Dax's international reputation would make him want to make sure you'll get good mileage out of one outfit).

I personally do not wear speedos - because I just hate swimming (and yes I can "swim" - or more aptly, I can not drown), although a kaftan while sipping a mimosa with the floral detailed speedo playing peekaboo is my idea of a summer day by the pool.

Trend from collection: floral prints carefully splashed across the swimwear. Another trend: get in the water this summer and stop posing pool-side (and to that I say, do as I say and not as I do!)


Ncoh! these summer nighties are too cute! Simple, comfy-looking and not trying make you look like you're going on a porno-shoot. These are made to be worn.

Trend: it's bedtime, comfort should come first - unless feathers, handcuffs and fetish-ilk are involved.

Dr Rey's LingeREY collection

The man is a nut-job! seriously! Kah-REY-zee! But I was not there to see him but his lingerie show (sidenote: his speech about liberating South African women from whatever he thinks they need liberating from was on another patronizing level; tacky, ill-informed and embarrassing- back to his collection now):
My favourite pieces from this collection were the retro-inspired garments (including some of the fabrics used). Sensual, sexy with enough tartiness to leave any man whimpering. The styling on some of the outfits was stunning - or should I be more specific and say the shoes were stunning! Dominatrix boots and all. (Not too much styling can go here... ideally, there's a man waiting to tear the garment off your body during the scene-de-seduction - there's no time to be pulling off angel wings, good for a show but clearly Dr Rey is all about getting you to see the point!)

Dr Rey also exhibited a collection of jeans but that's a yawn for another day.

Trend: let's all head to the gym y'all!

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