Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Cape Town Fashion Week - Day 3

Thula Sindi

One of Thula's best collections!
The exciting, risque slits and cuts, the interesting fabric choice (and mixing thereof), the styling and accessories... very racy and a pleasure to see.
The prints - which reminded me a lot of Gianni Versace spring summer collection in 1992 (yes, that one made famous by Linda Evangelista for the campaign of that collection) but not literally translated - were sophisticated and garish while the accessories played tune to the "gluttonous" and showy theme - yet all beautifully controlled to be in-line with his tag-line of "simplicity inspired sophistication.

In terms of design and concept, the collection was not strong (there were plenty of fall backs on his previous collections) but the styling, mixing of fabrics and overall aesthetics over-compensated and made this a brilliantly executed collection.

The finishes were well done, with the shift dresses present all fitting like a condom glove - and a birdie told me some of the pieces (if not all) will be available at Edgars stores...

Trend: return of old school luxury!

David Tlale

Naturally, I've had sleepless nights thinking about how I am going to acquire one or two pieces from this collection and this is why:

The collection did not have the usual voluminous and over-the-top ruffles-and-ties but fuss-free, simple lines, clean silhouettes and was truly the archetype of a tastefully made pret-a-porter collection: the collection was made up almost entirely from separate garments which, when styled as seen in the show, could be glamorous and slightly OTT or paired with 501s for a stylish casual outfit.

The colour palette of the collection was black, white and grey - and in some cases the colour bleed included all three colours - which kept the focus on the design details and fabric used, which ranged from tulle to cotton and leather to sheer material including sequins.

I am lusting after the drop-crotch black&white giraffe-print pants (seen in the middle above)... and the architectural leather, asymmetrical vest (above right) - delice! (kinda reminds me of another piece he did for his 2010 fall collection, no?)

Trend: The make-up; glittered red raccoon eyes!

Images by Simon Deiner: www.sdr.co.za

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