Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Twitter Dress

Imagine sashaying down the road tweeting on your outfit...

Yup! this is the new techno-gadgety-fashion that Microsoft has come up with. Madness but I get it and I would so wear it!

Apparently: the Twitter dress is a blend of new social technology, timeless fashion and old media (the dress is made exclusively out of paper as a "shout out to old-school media," according to

This is how it works: a keyboard is "woven" into a corset piece on the A-line silhouette dress (with a sweetheart neckline) and the tweet you send out into the web-sphere gets projected onto a glowing white skirt for all in your vicinity to read.

Now imagine a t-shirt that does the same...

Another interesting technology-meets-fashion-meets-dermatology (and homeostasis studies) tidbit is the new bubble dress that glows and changes colour based on your body temperature - which will give the term "feeling blue" a whole new definition.

Technology and fashion... the future, or the end? Either way, I'm sold!

Image courtesy of The Daily

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