Tuesday, September 27, 2011

South Africa Fashion Week 2011

Naked Ape

While images of the classic man, the retrosexual, conjures images of wild-wild-west - while your brain cleverly shifts to the Camel cigarette man... well, that's exactly how Shaldon communicates. His introduction of cape-like throws kept true to the cowboy imagery but in an African context; think of the men in the highlands of Lesotho riding horses covered in blankets (but with more chic material) - the world is really small ain it?

Leather pants (you read right), boots, tailoring perfection, mixing of hard fabrics with ruggered and soft fabrics and a trench coat with military-style buttons - who knew I'd be THIS giddy about Retrosexuality? Well done Shaldon!


Mantsho kept true to her style, aesthetic and taste: the humdrum of African silhouettes (okay that was unfair, it was a beautiful collection but with a lot of Mantsho sameness - but this again could be her reiterating her unwavering signature - a working recipe for her).
Why would one completely rework a delicious recipe?
(Think Karl Lagerfeld: he only makes minor tweaks to update the well established Chanel aesthetics)

Images by Ivan Naude

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