Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Suzaan Heyns

My liefde aarde!

Leather, intricate draping, more leather (in layered leaves-like forms, quite retro, but so modern), attention to detail, perfect fits, perfect cuts, gold, black, blue-black, exotic, mature, different yet so true to her signature!

The scales (reptilian-influences) perfectly peaking out of cleverly draped mish-mash of luxurious fabrics was the perfect mimicry of what to expect in the creeks of nature (another reason I do not go camping, but am open to re-enacting nature in the threads on my back).

The rich, delicate fabrics against the hard, textured leather made for a collection thoroughly thought-through and impeccably finished; cohesive and strong.

Class-act! Well done Suzaan!

In one word: LUXE!

Images by Ivan Naude

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