Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I hung out with cool people

I headed out to Arts on Main on Sunday for what was meant to be a day in the sun, a bite and light shopping... was meant to be, I said. Turned out to be an afternoon of mimosas, baguettes (la bon vie) and catch-up with friends before tapping foot on the rooftop of an adjacent building.

Pardon my plebbish behaviour but this was my first time enjoying nothingness downtown - prior to this Sunday, my drive downtown has always been because of some or other event, but never just a day in the sun. Loved it!

The rooftop turned out to be a sea of gorgeous people in gorgeous outfits sipping on gorgeous drinks and dancing to gorgeous music... The whole experience was DeGorge! Very becoming! Caught myself thinking: "is it possible to ever be this unpretentiously cool?"

Even the DJs had cool garbs:

Spotted the nineties look:

How modern are these block braids? Another 80s/early-90s throw back:

The sun was out, the shades were on, the cocktail bars were queue-less (efficient service usually makes this happen, take note Joburg North) and everyone was relaxed:
Cool pants... and the owner turned out to be hilariously cool.
Green was the order of the day - missed the memo
The cool kats:
Espadrilles were the chosen foot's bestfriend.
Men in colourful shoes:
Men in sandals

As the sun set, I kept my shades on (giving the turd-look a bash) and kept the deck rattling as we danced on:
The dancing got more raunchy
Smiles widened - I'm guessing this was about the same time the bar was running out of stock:
And I ripped my pants right across my backside to my groin. Seriously. Who cares though? I WANT MORE! Can't believe I've missed out on this fabu-bubu sunday hangout. Oh well, now I know - and so do you. Next time, I'm actually going to hit the stalls.

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Sandiso Ngubane said...

Mmmmmm, Manyoko! It's nice here mos!