Sunday, November 6, 2011

Africa Fashion Week - take 1

I will obviously be doing my review as soon as I have a few minutes to myself - apologies to all those who've been waiting.

To wet your appetite, here are a few clips from South African Tourism's YouTube Channel - featuring Elizabeth Tudor (Fashion ed of The Standard in Paris and contributor to UK Vogue), Michael Roberts (Vanity Fair) and Helen Jennings (Arise Magazine) - hope you enjoy these and look out for my top 10 write-up later today - hope you also checked out my write-up on FrockReport (in three parts: here here and here) as well.

Elizabeth Tudor

Helen Jennings

Michael Roberts

Well done (or is it congratulations in this case? English fails me) to Thula for the lovely mentions by these fashion powerhouses! Loved Elizabeth's description of his collection: "He's more focused on a classic image of a woman but does it in a beautiful way" - so true!
And to you too Cari (Tart), Kluk CGdT and Maki OH! - such wonderful mentions from these fashion powerhouses.


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