Monday, December 19, 2011

Cleo Bachelor 2011/2

After the sad announcement that Cleo Magazine will be shutting down soon - February will be their last issue *sniffles* - I was so delighted to be invited to one of their annual parties that I dragged my need-a-holiday body out of bed to attend the Cleo Bachelor of the year at Clapham Gold, Fourways. It was possibly the last one...

Upon arrival - one of the heaviest goodie bags was launched in my direction with a bottle of Paco Rabanne's Black XS thrown in for good measure *ahem, the bottle was reserved for a separate guestlist that yours in all things DeGorgeous somehow landed on*

Bragging aside, I am not a fan Clapham Gold; I always feel it's a rather awkward venue with a strange layout - but the people maketh the party, right? Throw in a show of beefies all fighting for the covetable Cleo Bachelor of the year award and you have a palooza - did I mention the cocktails-in-a-bag (read papsak) upon arrival? (courtesy of a brand named "Original").

Sweet, cute Lalla played hostess - does she have a pulse? She was barely batting an eyelid despite being surrounded by voted-in "eligible" bachelors from across the country
(most with girlfriends so the inverted commas are essential and a definition of the term necessary).
Bachelors in their penguins
The reason my ear was ringing for a few minutes - the hollering done at this part of the show was deafening
2012 Top Three "eligible" bachelors: Marius Vosloo, Ty Keogh and Pierre Roux
Lauren (who we love! Her team at Africa Sales Co. keep making me smile and smelling delice - more on that later), she poses here with Cleo Bachelor of the year Ty Keogh and sweet Lalla.

Congrats to Ty!

Okay, I will ask that awkward question: What will happen to the newly appointed Bachelor of the Year 2012 when the Cleo Mag is no more? Sure he gets to enjoy the hampers, pampering, Suzuki Swift and Lee Vouchers but does he only have two months bragging rights? Someone help me out here...

PSS. Cleo Mag, what does eligible bachelor mean again?
PSSS. Did you guys get the chance to read the one feature I had on the mag a coupla months ago, find it here as published by one of my favourite South African style bloggers - you will be missed Cleo Mag!

Images 2 and 3 courtesy of Zkhiphani

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