Wednesday, February 29, 2012

When I met an icon... icon of everything DeGorgeous. The epitome of the DeGorgeous Lifestyle, l'DeGorgeous Vie if you must . The archetype of fabulous. The personification of glamorous without a hint of trying.

After being complimented on having gorgeous skin (not by me, but I concur), she responds: "at nearly 62?"

How fab is her irrelevant response? no? Oh well...

Does she look nearly 62 to you?

Look, I've seen her around numerous times and like an idiot, I always look away because I find her too beautiful to look at - last thing I want to do is to come across like an air-head to the one person I've moulded certain aspects of my life on. How sad is my life? LOL!

Side note: I need to start lying forwards about my age, Surely I'll get more compliments that way? From now on, I'm 37 years old!


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