Sunday, February 19, 2012

While I was away - again

I gained a bit of weight, again! What else is new?

I fell in love with monochromatic looks - with Navy taking the lead in color of choice. Don't ask why, it just looks and feels right.
After my minimal colour-blocking stint, monochromatic looks are the anti-trend at the moment and the extreme progression from the multi-coloured trend seen in spring/summer which might explain my fondness of this at the moment.

So anything with a solid matchy-matchy theme, catches my eye these days. Think matching floral separates, navy jumpsuit, psychedelic prints top-to-toe looks, navy seperates, pants suit for the ladies (with impeccable tailoring, cut with punches of great detail- ideally navy with gold buttons - too nautical?) and navy bags, belts and shoes - - - see where I'm going with my navy trip?

While I was away no. 2:
A friend discovered a love for heels post his couple of months stay in Namibia - men in heels; this is the future! (besides, heels weren't traditionally designed to be worn by women anyway, glad to see the tradition being restored to its correct gender).
Don't forget to checkout his blog According to Jerri

While I was away no. 3
Fell in love with Joel Janse van Vuuren's work, again, after I saw it on this lovely lass

While I was away no.4:
The first black female-owned gallery opened in South Africa. Please note her DeGorge (inverted) sombrero-looking hat to put the icing on the vintage Ellie Saab outfit... AND she's only 25. Congrats Thandie Sibisi!
When you have time, please stop by her gallery in Melrose Arch and see the works curated by renowned curator Christopher Till (director of The Apartheid Museum)
Found a pose I love, courtesy of a friend who insists on only this pose (image from Thandie sibisi gallery opening). Don't you love her fringed jacket - don't you think the jacket would make for a great tango partner?
Sidenote: a little birdie told me there was once a black female-owned art gallery in South Africa years ago although that did not last long... so this puts my words - and of many others - in a very #ThatAwkwardMoment.

While I was away no.5
African Fashion International (AFI) announced their new partners in bringing fashion to the ramps *drum roll* Mercedes Benz. This will follow in the footsteps of other international fashion weeks such as those seen in New York and Berlin. Let's hope this partnership and warm welcome to the "Mercedes Benz fashion week" family will do more for South African Fashion than what the (defunct) National Fashion Council managed. Speaking of, why are there only two recognizable fashion faces on the board, namely Brian Ramkilawan (CEO Cape Town Fashion Council) and Aspasia Karras (Editor of Marie Claire South Africa)?

Mercedes Benz Joburg Fashion Week will run from 7 to 10 March at the trendy Hyde Park Corner.
Amongst the guests were Miss South Africa judges, Sonia Booth and Paledi Segapo
Models: Lerato (in Thula Sindi) and Prie (in Kluk CGdT)

While I was away no.6
London Fashion Week is in full swing and the most exciting technology meets fashion collaboration (with Vodafone) was launched this week under Richard Nicoll's label: a tote with a built in charger and we "totes love the tote" (not my words, but I share in the sentiment)

Richard Nicoll tote images from wiwt

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