Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week - Joburg (Day 2)

David Tlale
David Tlale's ready for winter!

Prior to David's show, the most memorable Houndstooth fashion moments, good or bad, were from Salvatore Ferragamo's 2011 collection, Gert Johan Coetzee's oversized print thereof, Alexander McQueen (and who can forget the Geisha-gone-cray make-up from that) and my mother's luxe suit from the early 90s. Houndstooth is an absolute stunner for winter and when done well, oozes with appeal and reeks of success (then again this could just be my own observation).
Then there was the firm favourite for winter; lace, chiffon and sheer, styled in the flamboyance expected from a David Tlale collection coupled with lustre-free, dirty metallics - a hot trend for winter. Speaking of trends, flashes of the 40s (with slightly raised hems) in the form of pencil skirts and shift dresses also made an appearance
Crocodile leather belts, game hide and (faux) leather all seen in coats, jackets skirts and finishes completed what was an over-all solid collection (from one look to the next everything seemed to coincide or overlap) and I could only describe it as David's most wearable collection.

Wow moments in the collection:
- yellow dip-dyed houndstooth jacket
- super high-waisted houndstooth pencil skirt
- sheer kaftan... for men, whoopee!
- hide used to create a new silhouette from the basic shape of a shift dress

After the army of men took to the ramp with cossacks adorning their heads, my mind naturally shifted to Russia and I expected to see Ushankas (want one!), (faux) fur linings and Uggs-looking shoes styled and restyled - but instead, the sameness of men's fashion took to the ramps ~ not all bad if you know what to look for.

Sadly, my eye only picks up the unusual and different in men's fashion, which rarely happens. I want someone to reinvent the wheel for my knickers to get wet. This, in no way, alludes to Csquared (not Carducci) being a dull collection - quite the contrary.

Sequined vests, pyjama pants, ropes and chains hanging, bursts of colour and metallics stood out from the collection. In short, think back on Beyonce's baby bump performance in the pink sequinned D&G number... see it? You've seen the collection.

I kid!

the individual garments from this collection are wearably and really just nice-to-haves versus staples that have been thrown down the ramp from the House of Monatic stable. An interesting change - but the wheel is still round...

Wow moments from the collection:
- gorgeous tortoise shell sunglasses in retro shapes
- beautiful scarves
- colourful shoes; I've always been a fan of Csquared shoes

Dax Martin
Featuring top model, Ajuma Nasenyana (face of numerous campaigns by Vivienne Westwood), Dax presented, not a swimwear collection where he's made is fashion mark, but a lingerie collection with a line for men.
To be honest, the pieces were too beautiful to be worn at night or during a scene-de-seduction... I, if i were the target for the clothes above, would be spotted on the street glaming up day wear with night gear. See robe, think kaftan or shirt dress and see third look above but think bodysuit... get it?

Beautifully styled (not so much the male collection), well executed, dripping with sex, well cut and uncomfortable to watch with people around (no, I kid again).
Images by Simon Deiner

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