Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week - Joburg

not Mercedes Benz Joburg Fashion Week as I've previously said, kicks off tomorrow at Hyde Park corner - yes, at the larney mall amidst shops that sell clothes that will have you believe you're purchasing time-share for a ski chalet. That aside, this is the exciting lineup:

Fastrack (for the youngins breaking into the industry), in association with the Foschini group

Thursday (March 8)
  • Hyde Park Collective Show - don't know what that is about but perhaps a stylists showcase of items available at the mall? If that's the case then get ready for (Jimmy) Choos on the ramp and plenty of Givenchy and ilk
  • Fabiani - men's wear
  • Kluk CGdT - can't miss!
  • Abigail Betz
  • Heni - excited to see his show, post his London shindigs.
Friday (March 9)
  • Tashkaya/ Black Coal Clothing / Mosewamosa (such a cool name; "Mosa's dress" if my Sesotho translation is anything to go by - I'm Pedi, don't blame me if that's incorrect)
  • TikZN and the KZN Fashion Council - speaking of councils, heard the National Fashion Council is yet to assemble for their first meeting... 3 months post-promises of some kind of launch.
  • David Tlale - who is in the process of launching his Legit collection - a diffusion line I'm guessing will be well in the price range of an ordinary Legit item (even I'm dropping in for that) - plus with the credit facilities offered by the shop, more people will sparkle in a (watered down) DT.
  • C-squared (Carducci - update: I've been informed that C2 Carducci/ Csquared Carducci does not actually exists! Or rather, Carducci menswear has nothing to do with the C-squared brand. C-squared is a standalone brand and the two are not associated... get it right: Education hey?)
  • Dax Martin - swim wear for winter, have to see this one
  • Grapevine / Disinctive Man / Thabani Mavundla (hailing from the Stoned Cherrie stable as a head designer, his personal interpretation of fashion away from the iconic label will be an eye-orgy, I'm guessing)
  • Danielle Margaux (praying she stays away from Tafetta this time) / Wildfig
  • Loincloth and Ashes (Anisa Mpungwe won the Elle New Talent in 2008 and has had her work shown at many Fashion Week platforms, including forming part of the Arise magazine's collective showcase at Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week) / Avant (following their success from last year, after showcasing a collection with heavy London highstreet influences, their next reveal comes at a time when I'm panting for more from them)
  • Spero Villioti remember his show last year?
  • Gavin Raja (after being absent from Joburg's fashion scene for donkeys - a select few, if the invite is anything to go by, will get the honour of seeing what Gavin's up to for winter)
  • Abigail Keats / Leigh Schubert
  • Thula Sindi
Has your mouth watered yet?

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