Monday, March 5, 2012

Ode to Leopard prints - part 2

On Saturday I found myself wheeling it down to downtown Johannesburg for an Absolut Blank party.

While several people got completely blanked on strange but tantalizing concoctions - some made impromptu as you watched the barman putting their skills to good use - others looked fashionably casual in not-so-discreet-despite-the-sneakers-that-suggest-I-am-casual, one such lady is Maria McCloy, whose name is no stranger to anyone who has somekind of social life in Johannesburg.

Yeay or nay to this outfit is the question? I'm falling for the former, but the ball is in your court on this one... Zulu earings, leopard print bag (or more like Dalmation print), leopard print dress (or is that more of a Cheetah print?) - it's really a dress, not a skirt -, red lipstick and high-top plimsoles... Good mix I say, good mix
For more of Maria's fashion injections, I suggest you stop by her stall at Arts on Main, downtown Johannesburg, on Sundays. Prep to fall in love with her vintage finds... ever wondered where i get some of my bags?

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