Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Suzaan Heyns - SAFW

Bumped into one of my favourite girls, Suzaan Heyns, at the launch of South African Grazia Magazine - more on that later. Back to Suzaan: I couldn't help but try to fish for hints for her next collection at South African Fashion Week (on 31 March at 20h30) and she gladly obliged: "Im using cement," she said.

The mind naturally drifted to shades of grey and textured fabrics, as only she can do, mimicking the look and feel of cement... NOPE, I was wrong, she's literally going to plaster out her clothes.

Suzaan has joined forces with cement king, PPC, to make a collection that will incorporate cement into her collection. This is not just fashion, this is will be art, "Fashion meets the art of Construction"! The hows remain to be seen on the ramp but for the first time in my life I thought about the practicality of such garments - the obvious question being "how would one wash that?" - dry clean was the quick response, or in my case, sponge clean. But yikes, can you imagine?

The collection will be titled "Reimagine Concrete" (how appropriate) and some of the teaser images leaked my way to whet your appetite on what's to come:

See you at South African Fashion Week!

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