Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Guillotine at SA Fashion

I recall in one episode of one of my fast-becoming-fav YouTube channels, SkattieTV, Dion Chang (of FluxTrends) spoke of theatrics referring to David Tlale's previous shows which have been nothing short of going beyond fashion and a ramp in his presentations. Guillotine literally put on a theatrical production to present their spring/summer collection. Plot: unknown but the model-cum-character of the dame set the mood of the high-society, low-tea consuming (lucky few) lifestyle - and the Chanel no.5 prop attests to this.

The caraco-inspired coat and military-influenced Court Coat for men with details reminiscent of David West's convoluted white/pleated shirt were my personal favourites. Simple but eye-orgasmic. Costume-y but wearable... a little drama never killed, it's done quite the opposite for some.

The collection played tune to the forecasted metallics trends with each individual look featuring shimmers of the trend with a sense of light layering being introduced; detailed but easy on the eye. Lovable.

Guillotine is available at 44 on Stanley (Milpark, Johannesburg) - and I'd hop in for the period coats and detailed shirts if I were you.

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