Monday, May 7, 2012

My tresses: the accidental find

When I woke up Monday morning, my hair decided it was a bad hair day. After a lil' prayer and some much needed oiling and moisturising, I came out with a perm (not a chemical one, but an accidental one), complete with glycerine-effects (I'll let you ponder on why stickers such as: "I like you hair but not on my window" comes from).

Being the eternal optimist I am, I named it "The Diana Ross" (on a minor scale). Ditch, switch or "we have a winner", that is the question... 

For now, let me channel one of the original Divas, we like it!
The Diana Ross
Ps. Do pardon the image, self taken images (at high res. aka "see my pores?") are never flattering but I could not not share this one though (yikes, and the half closed eye?) Oh well...

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