Monday, May 7, 2012


It's a trend well-documented around the world and South Africa is no different. High profile designers are collaborating with big retail houses to launch diffusion collections (read: mass production) at a cost that leaves consumers smiling.

Mass-produce, affordable (but trendy) retailer, Legit, has collaborated with design maestro David Tlale to produce a winter range featuring separates and dresses that include LBDs, Cocktail dresses (some with a roman flair), coats, Tshirts, denim and skirts. Legit is no stranger to collaborations with, previously, South African television personalities and this time, a designer with stripes to prove it is the next one in line. 

Since the Z-named Spanish retailer enter the scene (which left me a little worried about South African shopping trends), Legit has stepped up and taken the challenge to go head-to-head with the alien-retailer by following an international trend that has, for instance, seen the likes of Versace for H&M collections disappearing from rails - long before people once could finish a tweet mentioning the opening and certainly filling up the pocket for Donatella's next collagen and-botox fix Versace. I certainly hope a similar trend will be seen in South Africa and several more collaborations of this nature will be seen with Legit and other retailers who are with their weight in... erm... threads. And to that, I sincerely congratulate Legit on this venture. WELL DONE!

To keep you smiling, a lil' birdie tells me the collection ranges to the top bracket being an affordable R400 for an original Tlale design, retailing under the name Van Der Tlale.
David Tlale in a coat from the Van Der Tlale (VDT) collection with Sonia Booth (wearing Thula Sindi)
Celebrity guests included this lady with a wonderful trench coat dress (how Suzaan Heyns 2011 is it?) and Dj Black Coffee

Although the clothes lack the well-loved Tlale signature, that should not deter anyone from buying as the clothes still pack a few punches (albeit from an infant fist, if the collection is to be compared to a typical Tlale range, but whoever questioned that David cannot produced without theatrics and bling-tricks will really have to lap up their words).

Some my firm favourites from the collection included:
The LBD served with a kick in the form of an exaggerated torso
Stunning Coat with heavy-duty buckles detail batwing coat
Greek/Roman persuasion: a few drapes for all bodies
Simple but gorgeous. Tailor it somewhere and this is a winner!
Lace skirt
Pleather detailed skirt
Pleather tan short-shorts and gold-embellished shirt
At R400 a pop being the top end, why opt out? Now to find a Legit store in Joburg North, sigh...