Thursday, April 22, 2010

My Winter Lusts - The Trouser issue

There are soo many trousers, jeans, leggings (we'll refer to all as pants from here onwards) that are in my "IN" books.

With the rise of embellishings and sequins this season, heightening my love for winter more than ever, hints and suggestions of nightwear are (re)introduced into daywear. Golds, glitter, glare, shimmers, shine and studs are all the new rage.

Another strong trend that'll be prevalent this season is the denim-on-denim (aka jean-to-jean) look which still bugs me little; it's so 90s! whether I will dive in head first into the denim revolution remains unknown to me (translation: unlikely), but more power to those who will brave it out.

My lusts:
If you've ever engaged me for longer than three seconds on what I lurve in fashion, you've heard about these handbeaded gold-ish harem pants by Klük CGDT (which featured at Arise Africa Fashion Week 2009) and they are my ultimate dream pants. In the words of Savage Garden, I "truly, madly, deeply do love these pants. Breakdown; they are the epitome of everything this season: beautifully stuctured (in all their anti-structure shape), the aforementioned shimmer and just soo beautiful!
Still on lack of structure, these Suzaan Heyns jodhpurs... the balloon-feature and legging-like calves are phenomenal! Winter, this winter in particular, I want to experiment with strange but beautiful sihouettes and these pants are the ideal candidate to achieve this. I would've obviously preferred them to be longer (atleast the leggings-esque section), but these are perfect!
My new obssession, Chloe! Still with the idea of untailored pants (though far from it, so I guess untailored-looking pants is more appropriate), these pants nail all the pants trends I am looking for: High waist (I have long legs so one less thing to worry about), Harems (drop crotch pants give much needed breathing space... I know you know what I mean - they were called poo-catchers in Harpers Bazaar Australia - how unsexy is that?), have that "hit just above the ankle" look I am crazy about and they have a vintage look (a quick turnup of the pants can give the same look).

*yes, I know; I have my vain moments, lol!* the leggings/treggings/mannings... JUST NOT JEGGINGS, are still hot! but they've been overplayed and we aready to move on. But not quite, for me atleast; this season, I will team them with shorts or try to get the "Heni" look (from the fall collection he exhibited at Audi Fashion Week 2010)...

...minus THAT that you were looking at! As mentioned in the "shoe issue" of my lusts, length is very important! Obviously it is a must that they are snug - nothing looks worse than leggings which have too much room!

PS> i am not doing the Givenchy/Chanel multiple chain/neck piece look... another overplayed look - but one strong piece is a must! had to mention that given how I went Chain-crazy for the 2009 Arise Fashion week (but I do like my Edwardian-inspired collar... now where did I put that Houndstooth number?)

Finally: the Wide-leg pants. comfortable, perfect for anyone with long legs (stubby does not work with these, unfortunately). These ones in particular - not only do I like the flare - but the material is superb! Nothing screams winter like Tweed (thanks Coco for making these an "IT" material)

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