Friday, April 30, 2010

Quick note: folds and turnups

Last season, make that two seasons ago, we saw the return of the turnups/ roll ups. On the Blazer, formal tapered pants, skinnies (you name it, it was folded!).

Had a quick thought: so now that we're folding everything up and making turnups just about everywhere - slight exaggeration there, but work with me - so where else are we going to fold? the hair? - and it occured to me that that is, in essence, what a comb-over is; Donald Trump, you trendsetter you! Yes, I had a silly giggle moment with that!

Another LOL! moment was when I decided to google the street-term for those foldovers and turnups, pronounced "joodge" and the spelling is still a mystery to me (hence going to google to try to get the correct spelling), I started with:

jooge (and the definition came up), wait for it: a healthy female vagina...

clearly not what I was looking for, so I went for:

Googe: a sexual act originating in the Amazon Forest...

After a well-deserved gaffaw, I gave up! I guess fashion has a lot to do with sex, Tom Ford - you're the Anna Wintour of Fashion!

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