Monday, April 26, 2010

Winter... my new diet season (follow-up)

This is rather embarrassing but for the sake of fitting into those Marion and Lindie's, shame is a tactful move to draw attention to my eating patterns and motivate me to do something about this (okay, this sentence made sense in my head).

So this is what I consumed last week, brace yourselves:
Breakfast: 2 handful of (lightly salted) peanuts and raisins
Lunch: 2 handfuls of (lightly salted) peanuts and raisins, again!
Dinner: Pizza (23cm diameter) toppings - feta, mozzarella, bacon, ham, mushroom, greenpepper)

Breakfast: 1 toast, 3 Bacon rashers, chicken sausage, mushroom and scrambled eggs (I was feeling the Atkins clearly!) - mid-morning snack: a slice of chocolate cake *hides*
Lunch: 2 crackers with cheese
Dinner: Chicken Licken: 2 slyders (cocktail-sized chicken burgers), 6 spicy chicken winglets (equivalent of 3 chicken wings)

Breakfast: 1 cheese roll with cheese spread
Lunch: 1 cheese roll (plain) and 1 handful of peanuts
Dinner: chicken pasta

Breakfast: Salmon, cream cheese on Rye bread. midmorning snack: smoked chicken (thigh)
Lunch: Chicken Breast, chips/french fries and half of a Portuguese roll (Nandos)
Dinner: 2 martinis (tried a "green tea" martini at the Hyde Park Hotel, divine!)

Breafast: 100g of Flings (baked, not fried chips - LOL!)
Lunch: 1/4 chicken, 2 Frikaddels in tomato sauce and Broccoli - shoo! (another Atkins moment)
Dinner: 1/2 a 150g bag of lightly salted Lays crisps.

Breakfast: (I actually woke up before 9!) McMuffin and Hashbrown (McDonalds)
Lunch: (Slept, my body was in shock) had a 3 bean salad as a late afternoon snack (I do not go through the ordeal most go through after consuming legumes, you know what I'm talking about)
Dinner: McDonald medium fries (then went to a popular model, Mirriam Ngobane's birthday party - had to drop t-h-a-t little detail)

Breakfast: PnP chips/french fries
Lunch: (went to a wedding) rice, carrot+beans+gherkin salad, chicken and beef.
Dinner: 3 Ciders. hehehe!

See where I am going wrong? I eat a lot of random nonsense. Back to the drawing board!

PS> okay now that I've lead the way - you should keep an eating journal!
PSS> i obviously did not mention all the liquids I had (including water and tea), I will be judged for real should I do that
PSS> which diet would you recommend based on the above. If it says no alcohol, save your breath.

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