Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The advanced inspire

Let's face the facts; other than stylists and fashion designers who studied how to perfect the art, no one can really pull-off a lace-scarf bowtie quite like the aged. Which is precisely the reason why I follow advanced style blog; the aged women (and men)-folk of New York are super stylish!

As an aged colleague once said to me, "with age comes fewer apologies" (meaning: the older you get, the less you have to explain about anything you do) and therefore what and how they dress is truly a reflection of who they are: neither trends nor hype is followed, just simple old-folk couture (if I may call it that) and it's DeGorge.

My surprise of the day came when I saw this picture and knew immediately that I'd seen this look, or a similar one, before:
The lady on the right... versus:

The lady on the extreme right, Cynthia Nixon (aka Miranda) - scene from SATC2.

So who did the look justice? In my very own unbiased opinion: The advanced (in age) lady. My reasons are based on aesthetics and concept of the outfit:

Every fashion read will tell you about balancing an outfit. Bold Paul Smith-like stripes on a maxi-dress are best broken up by a solid coloured belt to offset the outfit and give it a "sophisticated" balance. All very textbook and lovely and that's exactly how "Miranda's" outfit was executed (with her being the sophisticated lady of the group).

BUT, how about breaking the rules and adding more drama to the mayhem by adding a similar multi-coloured chiffon belt in a bow-detail? sounds messy right? But picture one suggests the mess works better than textbook philosophies. I absolutely adore how the stripes are thrown into a different pattern giving a surprisingly brilliant shape to the otherwise boring vertical stripes.

Hope you agree! BREAK the rules! NO apologies! (just not the black-shoe brown-belt no-go area rule!)

pic 1 from http://advancedstyle.blogspot.com/ and pic 2 from http://www.gulfnews.com/

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