Monday, June 28, 2010


The Fierce Soucha is back and he is on a roll!
I introduced them on my blog (here) and said they're one hot label to be on the lookout for... well now there's even more reason to be there: they are also doing a men's line... Oh my GAAD! I was invited to do a quick preview during fittings of their collection (amongst others) and thought I would share two looks (you can thank me later!): Soucha and partner(extreme left) in Grey, ss 2010/11 models in black.

Ladies, gentle-fems and gentlemen: I am in love!

Their whole aesthetic is very reminiscent of Muslim Garbs which reaffirms his Middle Eastern background (he clearly sourced inspiration from home). I saw hints of Burka, harem pants and embellishing in surprisinglyy intelligent areas and I will be honest - the idea reminded me of Heni fall/winter 2010/11 collection (which had a Moroccan feel) and quite by chance, they are sharing the ramp on the 2nd of July.

So that show will be an eyefest! See you there!

Ps> don't forget the AFI online boutique - hopefully we can stock up on a bit of Soucha - even when they've left our shores!

Pss> Our girl Adhiambo will be producing their show... oooh! I just salivated... TMI, I know, forgive me!

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