Monday, July 5, 2010

Africa Fashion Week, Day 2

Christie Brown:

Summary: Western and Eastern designs with African inspiration

Thread: Ankara-covered buttons and badges

Opinion: She used plenty of African print ribbons to make fabulous finishes.

Bunmi Koko:

Summary: tribal warrior woman titled Matriarchy collection (had a lot of Louis Vuitton tribal collection resemblance...)

Thread: socks with tassles/fringed leggings

Opinion: This was a FABULOUS show! There were feather details, fringes and tassles with vudu-like accessories. There really are no words! But let me try: no… FABULOUS! Okay: they’re collection was inspired my the Ekpe Massacre and they’re translation of those trying times brought very strong feminine designs with ferocious attitude. You know how elephant groups are often led by a strong female head – well this is the same concept, the women of this collection are real Matriarchs, true leaders. A collection for a winner! DeGorge!

LaQuan Smith:

Summary: the freakum dress 2010

Thread: no notable thread in the collection

Opinion: LaQuan experiments with shape, form and material. His most notable trademark, nicked gold spandex featured in the form of low hanging leggings (almost mocking harems) which I thought were quite clever. The micro-mini, “freakum dress”, was the main feature of the show – embellished to look like fishscales – to keep the “trip to the beach” theme alive – and voluminous shell inspired shoulder and upper-arm construction on jackets was a quirky and fierce feature. My overall impression… well, Kelly Millionaire (LaQuan’s manager) captured the essence of the collection: “if you need a classic suite, go to Chanel! If you need a good blazer, go to Ralph Lauren! If you want a man or want your man back, go to LaQuan” – aaamen! Did I mention that model on the super fast lane rise, Sissilee Lopez, walked his ramp? Well… she did! PS> she’s Chistiaan Siriano muse.

Koketso Chiepe

Summary: “when I dream… I dream in colour”

Thread: white patch detail.

Opinion: The ramp was buzzing with celebrity/socialite models; Babalwa Mneno and Sonia Booth to name a few. The clothes were simple, colourful and had none of the current shoulder trends (unless off the shoulder is considered one. I was not too convinced by Ephraim Modingoane and Indashio Inspires styling – but the finished catwalk product was… okay… it’s a collection that should sell quickly as she had a lot of commercial looks.

Marianne Fassler

Summary: African in every way

Thread: children’s collection: animal print drapings with print finishes

Opinion: the children’s collection was very cute! Not very practical for children though: I cannot imagine children playing in any of the garments unless it’s a dress-up Peterpan/wizard of Oz/Fantasy-themed party. The collection, in totality, is very Marianne. Very African with mixing of African prints, camouflage and tribal influences. It was crazy-fun, somewhat shocking but it would not be complete Fassler show unless I did not experience a spectrum of emotions which I did. She has an amazing effect on me.

Errol Arendz:

Summary: Camps Bay Holiday

Thread: Chiffon and lace – flowing material

Opinion: the collection was very commercial. It had flowing kaftans, wrap dresses and robes. Flirty and very comfortable looks. The collection, true to Errol Arendz, is not groundbreaking but classic beauty! Fabulous finishes but I struggled to understand how the collection would fit in in a city other than on a tropical holiday.

Abigail Betz

Summary: Bridal wear or whimsical garden party

Thread – beading

Opinion: I felt that she did not do anything new with respect to design. Typical wedding features: tulle, beading, embroidery and volume. Not too moved by this collection but beautifully executed.

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