Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Africa Fashion Week day 4

Carducci man and Carducci Woman:

Summary: Corporate wear

Thread: this was a thought-thread: unimaginative nut solid pieces

Opinion: Given that I was not expecting an earth-shattering experience I looked for new and emerging trends for mass market and by far my favourite for men was the matching voluminous scarf and shirt matching combo on a well cut suit (although their suites were not exactly tailored to perfection). The women’s collection were tons of LBDs with leaf-like finishes (acting as frills and tassles) – that’s all!

Boudoir D’Huitres

Summary: Basic Basics with a slight Bang

Thread: Black and red

Opinion: I loved the fact that she had no bling-tricks to distract from her cuts, fabrication, and finishes. Great collection and the material is of excellent quality! She titled the collection “Future Victoria” and it had everything Victorian with all the modern twists and turns (none of that trendy shoulder constructions were in this collection though). Simple, quality and by large a very well pit together collection – including the lace-finished high waste pants which were my favourite.

Klük CGDT:

Summary: Circus de Couture

Summary: typical Klük cgdt – and that is no insult… trust me!

Opinion: it was an experience! The circus theme with clowns, ballerinas (with a catwalk stride I wish I could mimic) and trapeze artist made for an overall beautiful show. The most memorable from the collection was the bridal wear with the finale including a Viktor&Rolf lazer cut voluminous collection type of veil. They are prête-porter geniuses! With Klük CGDT – you can do no wrong!

Thula Sindi

Summary: corporate girl with a sense of fun

Thread: none

Opinion: This was perhaps one of the best collections Thula ever put together. The show was poorly constructed because of the lack of built up/direction (very distracting if the collection does not build up to a crescendo) – perhaps more thought should’ve gone into the clothes line-up. On the flipside, the clothes were DeGorge. I liked how Thula plays with fabric in this collection! He revisted Deconstruction (which, he tells me, was his favourite as a design student) to create flowing pieces each with a uniqueness that has lacked in other Thula Sindi shows. This was a beautiful one, well done!

pics courtesy of Simon Deiner (


The CultureCynic said...

THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH for being one of the only Fashion bloggers out there to share and highlight Africa FASHION week live and direct. Sucks that all the other fashion weeks are hyped but Africa's always comes and goes often without much fanfare from the 'Fashion Brigade' :) But we are on the COME UP i know.....THEY WILL SEE US!!!!:)

Stay Fabulous!!

Maque DeGorgeous said...

Aww... thank you!
YES! we are definately on the rise, one step at a time!

Look, even Fern Mallis (founder of Organizer of New York Fashion Week attended this fashion week and she was impressed) - this is just one step in the right direction if you ask me!.

There's more coming from Africa! Best Believe!