Thursday, September 16, 2010

Marie Claire Prix D'excellence de la Mode

Fill one DeGorgeous venue with creme-de-la-creme of fashion, throw in a bar and the night will be thrilling!

This was the case at the Marie Claire Fashion Awards. The driving tools for fashion designers have not always been acknowledged and for Marie Claire to draw attention to retailers who, together with media, drive fashion from design studios to consumers' homes needs commending! I also stick to the opinion that having a retailer backing a designer also helps improves the quality and overall finishes of garments (quality checks by retailers insure this) - and an excellent example of this was at Cape Town Fashion Week where retailers got involved and the young designers stepped up and produced garments that rivalled their more seasoned counterparts.
The socio-fashion groupie in me was leaping with joy when I spotted some of my fashion favourites, including our very own Publishing Queen a la Rupert Murdoch (not that he's a queen), Jane Rhapaely (with daughter, Julia), Marie Claire Editor Aspasia Karras and the phenomenal Sharon Becker (Fashion Director of Marie Claire). Also in the crowd was Dion Chang, SA Fashion Week Director Lucilla Booysen, Wanted Fashion editor Jenny Andrews (we love her), Fashion designers Suzaan Heyns and Heni (who is preparing for his London Trunk show AND has a little surprise for South Africans who salivate for his work, me included, but I will keep you posted on that later), fashion somebody Noni Gasa and ofcourse Felipe Mazibuko-Kunene (who wore the cutest mirt - man's skirt- and House of Ole by Ole Ledimo shoes).

Entertainment was by the fabulously chic Lindiwe Suttle (who apparently introduced chain store shoppers to the cute Ginger Mary brand - available at Truworths) and she looked ridiculously sizzling! first in a Kluk CGDT bridal couture number (champagne coloured, ofcourse - very Vivian Westwood) and then this super chic number by a Joburg designer who makes the illest (that means good btw) garments. Look at all the unconventional materials used in the second number: plastic, rubber, wool... INSANE! love it! (will keep you posted on this designer, including the name, lol!

The categories and winners are:

Best Big Retailer supporting Local Designers - Woolworths (do you still remember the Stoned Cherrie collection they housed when the label was in its infancy? Woolies definately deserved this one)

Best On-line Fashion Retailer - Habits (checking it out as I type - haven't been on the site in donkers)

Best medium Retailer supporting local Production - HipHop - my reading reveals that their Afro Diva Line supports the work of smaller producers in disadvantaged communities - FINALLY! now i hope many more follow suite!

Best Emporium supporting local Design: The Space (this is where I got my one of my favourite shirts by Amanda Laird Cherrie - who will be showing at SA Fashion Week - yeay!)

Special Jury Prize: Loxion Kulca (still need someone to elaborate more on this one. Look yes, the brand has expanded into being a "lifestyle" brand with products including eyewear, personal-care products but... I just do not get this award - but I'm open to being educated)

Business Savvy Emerging Fashion Designer: Silver Spoon

Business Savvy Fashion Designer: Colleen Eitzen

Business Savvy Accessories Designer: Missibaba (by Chloe Townsend)

Another retailer that has done a tremendous amount, although I think they've lost the plot a little, was Young Designers Emporium, YDE, that has elevated work by the likes of Kim Govaar (who was the head designer for xoxo and recently joined forces with his colleague, Craig Port, to produce an amazing s/s collection at Cape Town Fashion Week). I guess new freche designers would add a new and much needed zing to the retailer with one or two Brand Activation initiatives to engage their consumers beyond the mundane walk-in and shop experience - and who knows, maybe they could snatch up an award next year.

My online colleague does the best fashion glossy reviews every month and this month he nailed it, yet again. Read it here - Marie Claire got it right, yet again... nice one Aspasia!

sorry about the lack of pics, camera failed me at a critical moment! *places hand on glowing forehead* but sweety-honey-pie from helped me out with these ones.

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