Monday, January 10, 2011

Fleshy can be DeGorge, i think

While I am busy going through online diet books and seeing which one will get me to a Maque-acceptable size, I came across pictures of beautiful big girls. I know they've been photoshopped (probably beyond recognition ) but none of the rolls were hidden and that's what got me thinking: heck - big is bold, when's it coming back in fashion (atleast that's one trend I can maintain easily):

I LOVE these pictures: It's the boldness and absolute fierce "you know I got it" attitude in which these women carry their curves that makes them drizzle with sex-appeal.

Please note the skinny jeans, my fleshy readers. Flared jeans shorten you and make you seem rounder than you really are while skinny jeans, cigarette pants lengthen and slims you (but shying away from pants that exaggerate the warp* yarn - as this tends to highlight how far out from the centre the hips go out and gives an illusion of, yet again, being bigger than you really are - aim for solid classic weaving techniques which are a good blend of wefting and warping). My favourite ones from the pool of girls has to be the one with faded knee-jeans - anything to break the monochromatic and steers the eyes away from not-size-4 waist (YES, fashion is a mind-f*ck so roll with those punches - illusions are all we have when a size zero waist is absent, much like mine, lol).

Another sexy note: the sky-high stilettos. Height helps absorb the horizontal. Rather look oval than round.

Hair and make-up... these also play a major role in re-contouring and restructuring the face. Look the part from head to toe!

If all else fails - opt for dark colours - we all know how those do wonders for the waistline - and I will fake a size 2 till I'm there (wish me luck)!

Ps> yes, I've been thinspired!

*warp yarn refers to the weaving technique where the yarn goes vertical
"big girl" pictures from BuzzInn

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