Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Joburg Fashion Week Schedule

This year, Joburg Fashion Week (note: not Audi Joburg Fashion week) is taking to the streets of Johannesburg with rad new venues including Joburg Art Gallery, Bus Factory and, of course, Nelson Mandela Bridge - in short, taking Fashion back to the city and on the streets where it all began (a la SA Fashion week).

Here's the schedule and venues:

16 February:
19h15: Suzaan Heyns - Bus Factory
20h30: Errol Arendz - Bus Factory
21h30: Kluk CGdT - Randclub (is that Randlords by any chance or somewhere else? with such a lovely backdrop, this is going to rock!)

17 February:
19h15: Lisp / Wild Fig - Bus Factory
20h30: Spero Villiotti - Joburg Art Gallery
21h30: Abigail Betz - Joburg Art Gallery

18 February:
19h15: Karabo finger / Distinctive Wear / Avant Gaschette - Bus Factory
20h30: Grapevine / Bongiwe Walaza - Bus Factory
21h30: Stiaan Louw / Thula Sindi - Joburg Art Gallery

19 February:
19h15: Abigail Keats / Tart - Bus Factory
20h30: Loin Cloth & Ash by Anisa Mpungwe (2008 Elle new Talent winner) / Heni - Bus Factory
21h30: David Tlale - Nelson Mandela Bridge
(already Dramatic!)

There will also be a "Fast track day" from 18h00 to 21h30 which will be on the 15th of February, I am guessing. This show will feature numerous designers including Kutloano Molokomme (2010 Elle New Talent) - making it a fantastic initiative to literally get us to catch up with some of the upcoming talent.

Just to get you salivating, here's a clip of a "Behind the Scenes" shoot for the promo pictures:

Pics by the awesome Simon Deiner on: http://www.jfw2011.co.za/
Video Courtesy of the AFI YouTube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/africanfashioninttv

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