Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Remember this?

One of my Fashionable BlackBerryMessenger contacts had this Fabu-bubu man-in-heels (tranny alert) pic as his profile pic, I have since found the pic in One Small Seed (an artsy quarterly magazine that publishes unconventional pieces, quite a fun mag if I say so myself) and I pulled a muscle thinking how Ferocious this pic is:

It reminded me of one of my Favourite international avant garde-design duo, Viktor&Rolf, when they made that DeGorge Light Fixtures Collection, winter 2008 collection - which probably served as the inspiration for the image posted above - remember it?

Love it! Imagine walking around with your own spotlight? Gawd, what a Great country we'd be: All the celebrity "haters" would finally shut the hell-up because we'd all be under the spot-light, self-imposed or not, no?

Trust me, I would be rocking this look in Swarovski crystals blinging all around me in the most elaborate 6 star hotel entrance hall-worthy chandelier (and I wouldn't even twitch with the impracticality that this would have) if this was the perfect avant garde world - but it's not, I digress, we're still far-far away from DeGorgeousville.

Viktor&Rolf images found (here) under "This shit is bananas" and it is!


Edaurdo Cachucho said...

The image above is from a video artwork by Steven Cohen called Chandelier created 2001-2002. ( It is an incredible artwork.

Love the V&R show too. The created it so that their models would have perfect lighting wherever they walked. I think one of the models hair almost caught fire or something during the show, but that could have just been a rumor :)

aka Fake Sartorialist
The Fake Sartorialist Blog

Maque DeGorgeous said...

Really - Nice.

So in actual fact, the V&R show could've been inspired by the Steven Cohen's show? (never know...)

I will check it out now the link now! Thanks Eduardo!

PS - I love your space at 70 Juta Street by the way!

Edaurdo Cachucho said...

Haha, well Lisa's space that I helped design.

will probably see you out and about at Jhb Fashion Week