Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Fashion ad(dress)es issues

Checkout this orgasmic (sorry, couldn't resist that one) number: Kutloano Molokomme's Condom Dress, tres DeGorge! yes, it's made entirely out of condoms! (and ofcourse our Lady Gaga, Lindiwe Suttle - not very subtle this one, gotta love her - clocked the mileage in this fabu-bubu piece!) I believe it was part of an exhibition that raises awareness around issues of HIV/AIDS (I stand to be corrected here).
From concept to execution, this dress has it all!! Catch him at the Fasttrack day at Joburg Fashion Week (on the 15th of February)

Image by Kutloano Molokomme (via Facebook)

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Lindi said...

Thanks so much for featuring my favorite new designer, cannot wait to see his RTW line.