Thursday, February 24, 2011


The entire collection was made up of 4 basic colours: Red, gray, Black and white - who can say no to that for winter... the 2 (or rather 4) are synonymous!

The tale told by the collection was about the agony of growing up, the transition from girl to woman and the bondage that that stage of life can have on any woman. With that said, the collection could've turned very "matrony" but instead turned into a sexy, strong collection.

I did find some of the fittings awkward (looked like the slits were about to split) due to the tailoring - whether by design or execution, it was a a bit strange... I thought i might even see someone's "good china crockery" on the catwalk. Other than questionable tailoring, the collection could appeal to aby age group as it had elements which showed pure maturity (and very boardroom-ready) while some lace-finished garments had a grunge feel which could easily appeal to a dark-humoured 16 year old. BUT all very feminine - yes it was quite a spectacle to move from one look to the other which reiterated the narration.

But the colour palette was strong, the red tape was used effectively (something I might even consider doing myself) and the clothes were nicely snug (the return of the body con?) and flattered the body.

Loved the sheer material and the pussybow-fastened Capes. Loved the padding on some dresses as it gave a fuller figured female silhouette and that too showed hints of the winter 50s trend! Loved the overall styling including the strange, bloodthirsty-person-looking make-up.

The tomboyish appeal also tapped into my love of androgyny which I revel in upon seeing it.

PS ain that David in the black hosiery? yes, the make-up artist?

Pics by Simon Deiner

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