Monday, February 21, 2011

Thula Sindi

To truly appreciate this collection, one has to follow the story and how it built up to this climax (which I have): this was "Woman of Consequences: part 3, the finale."

Thula's last three collections, including this one, are threaded by his desire to see women well dressed, suggestively sexy, confident and playful - "Woman of Consequences" knows how to handle all that comes her way and it was with this tale and how it build up towards this design crescendo that interested me.

In this collection, which is a natural follow-up of his previous collection, the "woman of consequences" dares to be a little more sexy and vicious, all well controlled, which is depicted by the vivid colour use.

The pieces that stuck out most for me where the voluminous skirts which are 10 metres when fully spread out - no tulle used here - which give the covetable '50s silhouette while remaining faithful to Thula's impeccable choice in fabric.

The rich colour choices saw me yearning for winter too.

Thula's overall aesthetic has changed, with notable changes in the silhouettes which have changed from shift dresses to volume, separates (which are much more versatile in a wardrobe) and peaked shoulders

With that said, I was not particularly fond of the styling, for instance, I found some of the belt-cinched jackets a little awkward and could've done without the belt while the bling-tricks (which followed-up from Woman of consequences part one, ie fall 2010) brooches where well received for the story, but did not exactly tie in well with this particular collection - or is that a matter of preference?

Overall... this "woman of consequence" is drastic, dramatic while remaining conservative - and I truly enjoy seeing her story unravel... like peeling an onion, there is more to unpack with her.

Pics by Simon Deiner

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