Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Customizing the Perfect Little Black Dress

This is technology at it's very best if you ask me:

The idea behind it all is that one can design the perfect LBD online, get it manufactured and shipped to your doorstep - this is the the brainchild of L.A.-based designer, Mary Huang. This would be the perfect LBD because it is customized to perfection using your body-type and preferences. So think Gaga, think Avant Garde, think ready to wear, think red carpet... now you can make it happen!

The technology behind is:
There is a web-service application, by Continuum, which one can use online to design their ideal "it" dress and view it in 3-D. Upon your approval, this dress can get made for you and delivered.
The nitty-gritty in the technology is that the application is based on Deluanay triangulation, which is jargon for a dress designed, cut and assembled out of triangles. The drawing assistant tools on the site make it easy to "design" a garment at the blink of an eye - so one does not need the technical skills to draw... just your imagination is enough.

Here's how it all works:

Continuum Ddress UI from Mary Huang on Vimeo.

Currently, as technology does not "drape" and conform to reality as well as working with real-life fabric does, the overall aesthetics (ignoring design) will be very similar: cone-shaped LBDs with protrusions all around it or simple LBD made out of triangle cut-outs - but this simple start is ready to flood how Technology meets fashion.

you can also go give designing a bash here - enjoy playing around, I did!

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